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Camperdown Compost is made primarily from food manufacturing by-products, and is screened to less-than 10mm.

Landscaping compostFinding the right medium for rebuilding areas following construction or major landscaping works is a common issue. Good quality top soil is hard to find, it can be expensive in bulk quantities, and doesn’t work with the eco systems present in the residual soil.

Compost is the perfect medium for addressing key soil issues and rebuilding disturbed or problem areas. Applying compost puts the natural micro eco system back into the soil profile.

This is essential to re-establish a healthy environment after substantial disturbance.

Compost is high in stable nutrients, particularly carbon.

This is one of the key elements to allow good moisture retention, ‘tie up’ soluble and unstable nutrients, prevent nutrient leaching and assist in good germination of grass species.

compost landscapingIf you have poor quality soils and are looking for a top-up, compost can be blended with poor quality soils to better use existing material and prepare the ground for re-sowing.

This is a cost- effective method of adding necessary nutrients to re-establish a healthy environment, and assist in making the poor quality soil more pliable for re-instating.

However, when utilising compost, it is important that the nutrient levels are tested and balanced for the soil’s requirements, and the compost is finely screened and clean.

Camperdown Compost is made primarily from food manufacturing by-products and is screened to less than 10mm, meaning no large particles are present.

Camperdown Compost has been manufacturing compost for more than 15 years on an EPA-licenced facility in South-West Victoria. The compost is made to Australian Standards AS 4454- 2012, is all- organic in nature and prevents large volumes of organic material from entering land fill.

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