Our Composting Services

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Soil tests

Soil testing is used to identify any limiting factors that may be affecting production such as soil structure, nutrient imbalances or nutrient deficiency or excess. Compost can be tailored to address any issues highlighted in a soil test. We can arrange independent soil tests for you, or give us ones you’ve already had done and we can create a cost-effective compost/fertiliser program for your farm.


Compost evaluations and consultations

Camperdown Compost provides comprehensive on-farm pasture and soil evaluations to understand what factors could be impacting on productivity, animal health and plant viability. We provide a consultative service giving farmers solutions to improve soil health and pasture productivity, manage waste and improve on-farm nutrient budgets to reduce inputs and inorganic fertiliser use.



Our custom-made turner can be contracted to mix raw inputs, break up larger pieces and aerate the inputs to allow oxygen in to the rows to stimulate aerobic bacteria. For the best compost results we recommend turning compost rows 6-8 times over a 5-6 month period.


Hot mix

Our hot mix can be purchased to add into your own on-farm compost.


Bulk compost

Our base premium compost helps address soil structure, adds biology and foods for the native soil biology, adds carbon and a range of plant available and stable nutrients. We can provide regular bulk compost to landscape supplies, civil contractors, council works and property developers. Contact us for a sample and a quote.

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